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I’ve seen ferrules being used in terminal connections but I’m not sure what their purpose is. Can someone explain why and when to use ferrules?

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Purpose of Ferrules:

  • Improved Electrical Contact: Ferrules provide a solid and uniform connection by holding all the strands of a wire together tightly, which ensures better electrical conductivity compared to bare stranded wire that might splay out.
  • Mechanical Stability: They prevent the strands of the wire from fraying or breaking, which can occur when stranded wire is clamped directly in a terminal. This makes the connection more robust and less prone to mechanical failure.
  • Ease of Insertion: Ferrules make it easier to insert stranded wire into terminal blocks or connectors, ensuring that all strands make contact, and none are left out.
  • Protection Against Vibration: They help maintain a secure connection in environments subject to vibration by preventing the wire strands from loosening or coming apart.
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